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With over more than 10 years’ experience working with Gas Hot Water Service here at Gas Heater Services Sydney we are qualified to service all brands and types of gas appliances, gas heaters and hot water systems. We also proudly provide advice on purchase and installation of new gas appliances and hot water systems.

During colder months gas usage in many households and business increase. We receive many urgent calls for service on gas heaters and gas hot water units during these colder months.

Looking for Gas hot water Service or Gas water heater repairs with Gas Heater Service Sydney we have the widest range of Gas hot water systems and great prices to match. Whether you are after gas hot water service, electric hot water service or solar hot water service solutions, we have a Gas hot water system to suit your needs. We can also find solutions for any size of home or premises. Generating gas hot water service can account for up to a quarter of a household’s energy usage

When a gas hot water system goes – with a bang, a whimper, or even a flood – it tends to go suddenly. At that point you don’t have the luxury of carefully reviewing the available options, unless you love cold showers. Instead, you get a replacement of the same type wheeled in ASAP

Helping to keep you in hot water. Gas Hot Water Service – LPG & Natural Gas.  Whether it’s the best selling Rinnai LPG Gas Infinity 26 gas water heater or the quality Bosch LPG gas hot water service range of gas hot water heaters.  Gas Heater Service Sydney has the right gas hot water service systems for your home.    Tankless Continuous Flow LPG Gas Hot Water Heater Systems   Never run out of hot water again!   Tankless continuous flow LPG gas hot water heater systems provide gas hot water service on demand whenever you turn on the tap and you save energy, too. Gas Hot water service on demand with continuous flow LPG gas hot water service heaters. You save money- these gas hot water heaters only heat the water you need. Continuous flow gas hot water systems are wall mounted and compact. Cold water flows into the gas hot water heater when a hot water tap is opened inside your home.  The water flow is detected by a sensor that ignites the gas burner, to heat the water in the heat exchanger. The water typically follows a serpentine pattern through the heat exchanger, absorbing as much heat as possible.

Gas hot water systems burn either natural gas (also called mains gas or reticulated gas) delivered via a piped network, or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), which is usually bottled. They can be a good solution depending on your circumstances—for example, if you live in an area with limited sunlight for a solar hot water system or if a heat pump hot water system is not suitable.   Gas hot water service systems generally produce far less greenhouse gases than electric water heaters—around 25 to 33 per cent less. They generally also have lower upfront costs than solar or heat pump hot water systems.

Now you can compare prices for all the major brands of gas hot water service systems including Rinnai, Bosch, Kelvinator, Rheem, Dux and AquaMAX.   What Size Hot Water System Do I Need?   You can save a substantial amount of money by not buying a hot water system that is larger than you really need.

The size you need (flow rate in litres per minute) depends more on the number of hot water outlets the heater has to serve than on the number of people in the household. As a general rule, for a two-bathroom house you need a flow rate of about 22–24 L/min.

Book for a service and clean on your heater or hot water unit to ensure you can continue to use your gas appliances without any interruption.


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