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Natural Gas Storage Hot Water System are a great solution for bigger homes as they can run/serve multiple bathrooms/kitchen simultaneously.You can even save money by switching off your hot water storage unit when you go on holidays.In comparison to electric systems, the gas storage tanks are smaller and also have the ability to heat water quicker.


Regulations aimed at reducing energy consumption now mean a new Gas storage hot water system is an option for many homes.   The first decision you’ll need to make when choosing a HWS is the heating method: electricity, gas, solar or heat pump?  The gas storage hot water system tank usually has a booster element to keep the water hot on days with less sunshine.   Comparatively expensive and time-consuming to install, but a well-chosen system will pay for itself in the long run due to very low running costs

Is gas storage hot water system right for you?   If you have access to both natural gas and sunshine, you could consider a gas-boosted solar system to reduce your energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Gas storage hot water system heaters generate far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electric storage systems.


Gas Storage hot water systems heat and store water in an insulated tank for use when it is needed.   Instantaneous systems (or continuous flow systems) only heat water when it’s needed and don’t use a storage tank.

The Thermann 4 star Gas storage hot water system is suited to families of 3-5 people. With an adjustable thermostat for safety and efficiency, it allows you to be in control of your operating costs and performance.   Cold water enters the gas storage hot water system tank at the bottom, where a gas burner heats the water. Exhaust fumes are released using a flue. As the water heats, it rises to the top of the tank. When hot water is required, the outlet valve at the top of the tank where the water is at its hottest is opened.


Small household (1-2 people): Continuous flow HWS (gas or electric) or small gas storage hot water system storage HWS.   Medium household (3-4): Gas storage hot water systems (continuous flow or storage), or a heat pump.   Large household (5+): Multiple continuous flow HWS may be an option but gas storage hot water system units may be more economical. Large heat pumps are also an option.   Gas storage hot water systems have energy efficiency star rating labels; the more stars, the more efficient the water heater.

Gas storage water heaters deliver hot water instantly, as they keep a generous quantity stored hot and ready for your use

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